More than a Report

Every year, hours are spent gathering data and formatting statistics to build the Saskatchewan State of Trade Report. Released on April 24, 2024 by the Government of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP), this year’s report is 18 pages of critical insights.

“Trade is ubiquitous with our province,” notes STEP’s Director of Market Intelligence, Jeffery Thackeray. “From the farmers field to the shop floor, Saskatchewan’s economic livelihood is directly tied to the strength of exports. Our goods, technologies and services can be found in nearly every corner of the globe. For a province of a few that helps the many, the State of Trade is a summary of the past year’s export activities which Saskatchewan’s people should be very proud of.”

Last year’s data informs the upcoming year’s actions in every industry: services, forestry, mining, agri-food, manufacturing, livestock and grains, etc.

When asked what was important to electors, an American politician coined the term “It’s the economy, stupid”. In Canada, we’d never call anybody stupid, but we would add, “It’s exports!”

Saskatchewan is one of the most trade dependent provinces in one of the most trade dependent countries in the world. One in five jobs in Canada depend on exports, and we believe it’s more like one in three in Saskatchewan. The State of Trade report provides a snapshot of the export health of the province and offers a glimpse of the road ahead.

So, whether you’re a Saskatchewan exporter or a businessperson whose success depends on exports, this will be an important read. Enjoy!