Latest Publications

Fall Edition 2023

"Saskatchewan is a leader in sustainable energy production, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS)...[as well as] small modular reactors (SMRs), thanks to local expertise from decades of uranium mining…

Summer Edition 2023

"This year, Saskatchewan’s manufacturing sales increased 17.9% in January 2023 compared to January 2022 (seasonally adjusted), showcasing global demand for Saskatchewan’s innovative solutions to solve some of the most pressing global challenges.…

Spring Edition 2023

"Key trends in 2023 for the food and beverage market include functional drinks for hydration and nutritional benefits, the rise in micro distilled/artisan spirits, the rise of an alcohol ecommerce market, high pressure pasteurizations of fruits…

About Global Ventures

STEP’s Global Ventures publication is designed to carry a message on behalf of and to the provincial exporting community.

The quarterly publication is an effective medium to relay timely messaging to both the local business community and the network of international contacts developed by this organization.  The publication provides provincial business leaders, stakeholders, provincial and international contacts and media with timely information pertaining to Saskatchewan exports.

Articles featured in the quarterly publication identify STEP members who are making a strong economic impact to the province.  As a member benefit, over 300 STEP members have chosen to be profiled/referenced in the publication with many reporting a significant increase in their profile and strong recognition of their business activities and capabilities.

For further information, or for past editions of Global Ventures, please contact:

Katya Tomlinson, Communications Specialist
Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership
Telephone: 306 526 7287