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Meet Businesses Offering Innovative Products & Services for the Asphalt Industry:

Agremote | Boss Buddy — Buddy load binder attachments combining the reliability of the ratchet load binder with the speed and power of cordless drills and impacts to give you the quickest and easiest way to chain down a load

Doepker Trailers —offering commercial highway trailers; semi-trailers, commercial flat decks and drop decks, heavy haul trailers, specialty trailers and more

Vale Industries —diversified steel manufacturing

WRT Equipment Ltd. — offering construction equipment for contractors in road-related construction

Brennan Gasmo

Trade Specialist, Manufacturing & Technology         1.306.371.7024

Saskatchewan Trade & Export Partnership (STEP) members exhibiting at booth #6204N and #6205N want to meet you. Schedule a meeting by contacting Ryan Niemela, Director of Energy & Mining, today!