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Meet Businesses Offering Innovative Products & Services for the Mining Industry:

Axiom Applied Analytics — a cutting-edge data and analytics provider, using AI-informed insights enabling customers to access insights and decision-making tools, predict and benchmark performance, measure and model efficiency and sustainability, as well as inventroy and measure carbon and other nutrients.

Canada North Environmental Services (CanNorth) — a full-range environmental service provider, offering technical skills and knowledge to deliver solutions for managing environmental risk.

Enviro Integration Strategies — risk evaluation software providing governance assurance to diagnose gaps and develop remedial plans, lowering any potential facility failures.

HCC Mining & Demolition Inc. — an underground mining services provider, offering development, construction, blasting and demo, rehabilitation, production and operations support, utilities installation, steel installation and shaft repairs.

Maven Water & Environment — strategic collaborations with experts in active treatment, offering a toolbox for a wide range of active technologies including RO, ultrafiltration, lime precipitation, ion exchange, etc.

Quesnel Bros Diamond Drilling — a contract diamond drilling company with an environmentally sensitive approach and the highest heath & safety standards for their team members.

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