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Booth 954

CanMar Foods — conventional and certified organic roasted flax seed, pasteurized flax seed, milled roasted flax seed with fruit for retail or packaged for the ingredient industry in a gluten free certified, allergen free and kosher facility.

Dosch Organic Acres — organic brown milled flaxseed and the Wheat Crunch snack made from organic khorasan wheat berries cooked in cold-pressed high-oleic safflower oil and seasoned.

Ingredion Canada — peas (flour/starch, protein, and fiber), fava beans (flour/starch and protein), lentils (flour/starch and protein), and chickpea flour.

Blue Sky Hemp Ventures — varieties of hemp food, hulled hempseed, hemp protein, CBD materials, as well as various forms of flax, oats, fava beans, and other lentils.

Booth 538

HPS Food & Ingredients — Hulled hempseed, toasted whole hempseed, hemp seed oil (cold pressed), hulled hempseed oil, hempseed protein powders (85%, 65%, 50%, 33%, 23%), as well as various forms of fava beans, chickpeas, flax seeds, oats, and lentils.

Booth 542

Lovingly Made Flour Mills — protein, starch, fiber, flours, crisps, textured proteins, breading, puffs, and snacks made from peas and faba bean.

Booth 1922

Stonehenge Organics  — high quality organic lentils, peas, brown and golden flax, canola and oats.

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