Redekop Manufacturing


Phone: 306-931-6664

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P.O. Box 178A
R.R. #4, Hwy #16 West
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7K 3J7

Fax: 306-933-1088

Contact Person: Trevor Thiessen, President


Redekop Manufacturing is a team dedicated to designing custom solutions for the agricultural and construction industries. The company’s products focus on harvest weed seed control, improving crop residue management, and reducing air filter maintenance. Through research and development, their flexible and nimble team rapidly innovates, engineering superior products effective for the global market and sought after by industry leaders. Redekop Manufacturing believe that precision seeding starts at harvest and their products improve crop emergence, reduce weed pressure, and enhance no till farming practices for customers' fields. The company helps farmers become more profitable by creating a more optimal environment for crops to flourish all while leveraging customers' existing equipment.

Current Products & Services:

Products and services include a combine-mount in-harvest mechanical weed control system, as well as replacement and OEM straw choppers, rotor and chopper blade upgrades, and an air filter pre-cleaner.