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Meet Businesses Offering Specialty Ag Equipment & Technologies:

Agtron Enterprises Inc.: Seedrate & bloackage monitors, shaft & bin monitors, area counters, variable rate controls for seed, fertilizer & anhydrous
Degelman Industries LP: Bulldozer, speed & strong box blades, land rollers, heavy harrows, (Pro-Till) high speed discs, rock diggers, pickers & rakes, rotary cutter technologies & manure spreaders
Duck Foot Parts Inc.: Slip-over paddle tines with reusable clips for use on existing combine header tines.
Free Form Plastic Products: liquid storage & transport tanks, Gen 3 Algae Eliminator in flat bottom, cone bottom or low profile, RotoShear Vertical Crop Cutter, adjustable-width swath roller, Chembine chemical mixer, Fenderco Fenders, Polar Grip truck weight system, Polytoon Duck Floats, Tank Guard tank level system, H2O Fire Pro & 3-Point hitch cultivator
Bourgault Industries Ltd.: air seeders, hoe & coulter drills, cultivators, chisel plows, wing-type packers, grain carts & harrow drawbars
Bourgault Tillage Tools Ltd.: Blue Armor long wear cultivator, chisel plow sweeps & spikes, seeding & fertilizer openers, seed boots, disk blades & long wear harrow tines
Honey Bee Manufacturing Ltd.: AirFLEX, ST Tractor-Mount swather, grain belt header, WS swather, rice belt header, rod weeder
Meridian Manufacturing: belt drive augers, mechanical drive swing away augers, belt conveyers, grain bins/silos, archwall buildings (potato & grain storage), seed tenders & liquid containment tanks
Ralph McKay Industries Inc.: Custom stamping & heat treating, the McKay Slimwedge™ System, concave disc blades & coulters, McKay penetrator sweeps, railroad tie fasteners, combine concaves, sieves, chaffers & chains, header transport trailers & utility reel trailers
G&S Sales Ltd: The Watermaster, a self-priming floating pump
Redekop Manufacturing: combine mount for in-harvest mechanical weed control, replacement & OEM straw choppers, rotor & chopper blade upgrades & air filter pre-cleaner
Rite Way Mfg. Co. Ltd.: land rollers, rock pickers & windrowers, high-speed heavy harrows, jumbo junior mid-range harrows, rotary harrows, crimper rollers & high-speed compact discs
Schulte Industries Ltd.: Heavy duty rotary cutters, rock pickers & rakes, landscape multi-rakes, snow blowers & Disc on Demand Heavy Harrow
SeedMaster Manufacturing Inc.: No-till SeedMaster toolbars from 24′-100′ wide, UltraPro II on-board seed & fertilizer distribution systems, high-capacity air carts & Ultra SR Single Rank all-in-one seeding solution
Wilger Industries Ltd.: agricultural sprayer & seeding components, liquid fertilizer kits, sprayer nozzle tips & caps, sprayer nozzle body attachments & adapters, liquid flow indicators, light-weight sprayer booms, boom & flush valves, sprayer manifolder & metering orifaces
Real Estate Centre: Residential, agricultural, commercial, luxury, recreational, farm, ranch & land real estate service to western Canada
Mandako Agri Marketing Ltd.: Landrollers, tillage implements (Storm, Euro Storm, Chisel Flex, Field Sergeant), Cover Crop Crimper, Stubble Cruncher, Reddi-Arm, Reddi-Lynx & Reddi-Panda
Morris Equipment Ltd.: Direct seeding equipment ideally suited to global semi-arid crop production areas; Quantum air drill, 9 Series air cart, Rustler harrow & ProAG bale carrier line
Bushel Plus Ltd.: SmartPan System™ & MAD Concaves™
The TireGrabber: The TireGrabber attachment (TG4000, TG4000R & TG4000XL), TG Equipment Jack & TG Attachment Plates
Thunderstruck Ag Eqipment: Connecting farmers with products that make them more successful on their farms
Oria Agriculture: Precision agriculture electronics & farming equipment, product training, parts, sales, technical support, installations, repairs & warranty
Dutch Industries Ltd.: OEM products, including Dutch openers for seed & fertilizer application, manure spreaders, crop lifters & chemical cab filters, & a manufacturing division
Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority Inc. (SREDA): Facilitation of growth & diversification of the Saskatoon Region economy

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